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Just Thrive

What are some of the hot health terms you are reading about today? Is it your gut flora? Inflammation? The power of sleep? All those are in the news and on our minds. Just what does gut flora have to do with our health? Well, the feature product for this month is a product called Just Thrive. At the natural products conference we were able to talk first hand to the folks behind this company and did we learn a lot!! Just what makes this probiotic different from everyone else has everything to do with what kind of organism it is--to begin with its a spore. This means it doesn't degrade in our stomach but gets further down to our intestines where it can actually become therapeutically effective!

HUMAN: These strains originate from a balanced human gut microbiome. Being derived from a healthy human underlines that these specific bacteria are safe, effective and natural to our gut health.

GUT COMMENSAL: A microbiological categorization, “Commensal” means beneficial. These four strains bring benefit to the gut. The intestines are the native home for these gut commensal bacteria where they come alive, remove their protective spore shell and perform their two-part microbiome balancing and cleaning work for the next 3-4 weeks before being excreted out.

SPORE: Spore simply means shell. There is no artificial technology involved. Spore-based bacteria have naturally evolved over eons to have this protection which they put on and remove as needed.

BACILLUS: This designates bacteria versus a probiotic fungus or virus. Look at the first word on any probiotic ingredients label. “Bacillus” indicates a spore-based bacteria. If the first word is anything else, it is either the conventional kind of bacteria that has no natural protective shell, or not bacteria at all.